We are excited to welcome students again! Schedules have been emailed home for those who opted to return on June 1. If your child plans to return and you have not yet let the school know, please fill out the Return To School Survey.

Our school will not look like usual. The purpose of coming into the school building is to get academic or counselling support. There will be no chance to socialize with friends as we need to observe Safety Protocols.

The COVID Safety Protocol:

Before your child comes to school:

  • Check your child’s health. If your child is sick with flu like symptoms, they must stay home.
  • The school needs current phone numbers and contact information. If a student starts to show flu-like symptoms while in school, they must be picked up by a parent or guardian.
  • Students can come by prior arrangement on up to two afternoons per week. The prior assignment is necessary to avoid having too many students in the school at a time.

To arrange a time to come, please complete the Return To School Survey.

  • Your child needs to take everything they need with them to school and take it all back home. All lockers will be closed.

When coming to school

  • Drop-off your child on the sidewalk at the “Student Drop Off” sign by 1:15.
  • Students line up on the marked areas of the sidewalk, 6 feet apart, before entering through the main doors.
  • In the foyer, students will disinfect their hands and must answer five health screening questions to make sure we stop the spread of infections and will “sign in.”

In the classrooms

  • Students will be assigned to a specific teacher and are limited to that room.
  • Every student will be supported in using proper hygiene procedure and must clean up their workspace.
  • Academic support for specific courses is Monday and Wednesday afternoons for Math/Science and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for Humanities and Electives.
  • Counselling support is available by prior arrangement. Please contact the school if you are interested.


  • Classes end at 3:25 and students must sign out and disinfect their hands when they leave through the main entrance.

Bussing: School buses will be available for students that have indicated a need in the Return to School Survey. More specific information on bussing will follow shortly.