Welcome to Ms. Gordon’s online learning classroom. I’m excited to get back to working with you. Below you will find assignments and labs for each of my classes. If you have any question, you can email me. I’m available Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00.

If anyone needs to access Loaves and Fishes food bank during this time; please check out nanaimoloavesandfishes.org.

Food Studies 8

Welcome to the online version of the grade 8 rotations for Foods. So different than how I had this planned for after Spring Break. We will be focusing on Big Ideas only. These will be Kitchen Safety, Food Safety, Canada’s New Food Guide, Measuring and of course Cooking.

How to Submit Your Work:
Lessons and Labs are due by Friday, June 19. You can submit them once a week, or all at once.
Everything will be submitted via Google Docs to rgordon@sd85.bc.ca.
For assignments, you can scan, screenshot, or take a picture to submit.
For labs, you will prepare the recipe and take photograph or take video and upload that. I have included a lab marking sheet for your parents to have so they can see the areas I look at when marking a lab in school.
Here’s some tips on how to share Google Docs.

Food Studies 9-12

Here is a list of your assignments as well as the preparing and marking sheet for the cooking labs. If anyone has any questions, please email me.

Career Life Education

Below are your assignments for Career Life Education
All assignments are submitted via Google Docs to rgordon@sd85.bc.ca. Also, email me if you have any questions about the assignments.

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Streets of Plenty Opinion Paper and Rubric
Compare and Contrast Assignment
Mental Health Awareness