The 2024 Dry Grad Walking Ceremony date is June 22, 2024


Planning Committees

Parents, please consider joining one of the Grad Planning Committees as there are still vacancies.
Finances: Sabrina Dent, Nikki Ranger, Jackie Hunt
Fundraising: Sabrina Dent
Decorations: Kim Isaac, Lisa Harrison
Dry Grad Events: TBD
Dinner: Jackie Hunt and TBD
Walking Ceremony: TBD
Videographer: Jackie Hunt, Sam Edgar

To-Do List

Before Convocation: Work hard at passing all your courses needed for your actual graduation. The final grad list will be determined early June.

Past due, asap: Baby pictures to Becky, Songs to Emma

June 7: Write a small paragraph of 3-5 sentences to hand to Mrs. Cunningham.
This paragraph will be read out loud by the MC during the ceremony while you are walking up to the stage. Follow this format: My plans for next year are.. (Where? What?)/ I am looking forward to… (what is the most exciting part of the year after graduation?)/ I want to thank …

(for helping me to reach this convocation day)

TBD (early June): Elementary High Five bus tour

June 15-21: Help with decorations in the gym/MP room

June 19th: from 6:30 to 8:30 pm mandatory dress rehearsal.

You will put on your cap and gown for the first time. You will practice your walk for both, the convocation and the Walking Ceremony. This is mandatory as you know where/how to walk onto the stage, and where to pause for the photographer. Students giving speeches can also practice here.  After the rehearsal, you can take the cap and gown home for pictures with your family. Don’t forget to bring them back for the ceremony on June 21

Shape of the Days

Convocation – June 21st at 4 – 5:30 PM

Who will be in the gym? Grads, staff, reporters, photographer, and MCs_________________, plus about 500 guests and dignitaries, including scholarship donors. 

On June 21th

At 3:15 pm, grads are dropped off by their parents WITH their gowns.Mrs. Cunningham will greet you andhelp you with fitting your gown if needed.

The convocation ceremony:

  1. Students enter one by one to music through the gym door and the arc and go to their labeled seats on the bleachers.
  2. Students sit down on the bleachers in a pre-determined order
  3. All stand for O’Canada
  4. Speeches by Ms. Walkus, followed by dignitaries: Superintendent, Trustee, Chiefs, some live some video messages
  5. Guest speaker: ______________
  6. Thank You speech to the parents by ___________________
  7. Thank You speech to the teachers by __________________
  8. Address of parents to the grads
  9. Valedictorian speech
  10. Students will then be called one by one to come to the stage. Each grad write-up will be read while they walk up. The certificates, as well as scholarships, appear on the screen next to them. Some scholarships will be passed to the winning grad by the donor, some by school staff
  11. Once all students have “walked” and are seated again, students will change their tassel in unison
  12. Slide show with baby pictures
  13. Closing by principal Walkus

Group Photo Students will make their way to the field in the marked area, for a far-away group photo of the throwing of the caps

Individual photos grads and families are welcome to take pictures at the photo booth, in the gym, or outside. Grads drop off their gowns with Mrs. Cunningham and are free to leave.

Dry Grad – Saturday, June 22
1:00 pm Arrive at PHSS
1:30 – 3:30 pm Walking Ceremony
3:30 pmPics with family
4:00 pmMarshall at Old Mall for the parade
4:15 pmCar parade around town (predetermined route)
5:30 pmMeet at PHSS
5:45 pmBus to Golf Course
6:00 pmDinner at Seven Hills
8:00 pmBus ride back to PHSS
8:30 pm – 1:00 amDry Grad at PHSS

Decoration Ideas

Grad Photos

February 5-7, 2024. Book now at For more information, check out the FAQ Sheet.

Grad Hairstyle by Donation

Please sign up with Mrs. Pottle asap if you would like your hair styled for Grad! Email

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May 11 – Town Spring Clean in the morning. Time TBD
May 25 – Keltic Beach Clean-Up. Time TBD

Upcoming Meetings

Student Meetings
@ 12:15 in the MP Room
May 15
June 5

Parent Meetings
@ 6:30 in the Library
May 22

Parent Meeting Minutes